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Viella della "Maestà"

Viella "Oratorio di S.Bernardino"


Medieval Lute

Middle Eastern Oud 

Other Instruments

Ambrogio Lorenzetti

Massa Marittima  1330-1350


​Hand Carved in Lebanon Cedar

Agostino di Duccio

Perugia 1457-1461


Lebanon Cedar

Made of Spruce, Linden,

Poplar and Cedar wood

Marco Casiraghi’s musical instruments

are crafted from fruit tree wood and from the timber of other types of trees from the Mediterranean; the choice of wood is made  according to the requirements of each single instrument.  The uniqueness of the final result is attained through extensive research into historical and iconographic sources with continual reference to the practices of the craftsmen of the past. Before the piece is pronounced finished it undergoes a trial period when it is put to use and scrupulously examined.

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